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– Startups – Jason Goldberg of FAB-TWiST #313


Zealous Influence says:

Fantastic interview! Great insights on leading with design

Francois Royer Mireault says:’s Jason Goldberg – good interview on startups, design and how to
deal with copycats.

RaySunday14 says:

Oh and I have to say — your ads are perhaps the MOST useful ads I’ve ever
encountered. No joke. I’m going to inquire with SnapTerms and SourceBits in
a bit after my startups alpha testing. Keep up the great work, sir!

Julius Sky says:

ive heard the someone else say the intersection of those three circles idea
before but cant remember who…?

Matt Medeiros says:

Great episode. 20% is not a small percentage of business though.

immortaltq says:

Could you confirm on the next show that your really the one writing all
these reply’s here? I somehow can’t believe a baller like you would spend
time on youtube writing comments all over the place lol.

Paul Mueller says:

How many e-commerce sites actually build their own products? Should I split
my startup into two companies, one for manufacturing and one e-commerce?

Alex Gaber says:

I was kidding pal, hope to see you soon at Aljazeera/current (2 of my
favorite channels now in one) 🙂

TheSkoolLive says:

14:20 “…Get your design right…” is sage advice from @Jason. Why? There
are sooo many ideas competing for attention that even if “it works’ at a
tech level the only way you can stand out is by being not only “built”
better, but also “experienced” better. It’s no longer a “good to have” it’s
not a MUST have.

Paul Mueller says:

This is a founder that is obviously passionate for the business that he
built (27:02). Great interview, wonderful business idea, and execution. I
am looking forward to digging up more of these interviews.

Shawn Daniel says:

wow, really interesting insight into mobile commerce. Great interview

Manish Nathani says:

i agree. this was a very good episode

Tasha Edwards says:

Jason loves email. I hate email. It has been years since email even
converted me, let alone actually opening an email. Automatically deleted.

Jason Calacanis says:

thanks Justin…. make sure you check out the Peter Diamandis and Chris
Sacca episodes… folks love those two.

Shawn Daniel says:

I hear ya jason. No worries tho, just invest in my startups and life will
be good.

Oliver Wieland says:

great show! valuable insights as usual.

Jason Calacanis says:

thanks Shawn…. I feel like such an idiot having missed investing in!!!! I’m hoping some day Jason asks me to join the board or advisory
board or something so i can make it up to him

lllmk3lll says:

This one was great! Thanks!

Alex Gaber says:

Jason, you look fatter than last time I saw you! Great interview though,
love Fab 🙂

joe boulton says:

never mind jas, i think you have helped out more business then you think to
karma will reward you buddy!

Jason Calacanis says:

you bastard!!!! :-p I lost 20 pounds in 2012… last 10-15 coming off in
2013… then i’m ready for my shot at CNBC / MSNBC or Al JaCurrent

Justin Miramontes says:

Got a lot of value out of this podcast. Thanks!

Jason Calacanis says:

what an amazing guest…. my biggest mistake as an angel investor is not
investing in Jason Goldberg!!!

RaySunday14 says:

I just watched the vid and this is my first time tuning in ThisWeekIn. This
is real awesome. My team and I working diligently on our startup and I
really appreciate altruistic things like this. Thank you so much! I hope to
cross paths with you some day, sooner than later.

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