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State Farm® – Behind The Scenes of “Wake Up”

State Farm and LeBron James are helping kids graduate from high school. Go to to get involved. Check out a behind-the-scene…

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tonylaval says:

Nice Video

18brooks says:


redsoxlover216 says:

seems ironic that LeBron dropped out of high school…

SkepWorld says:

How can i get involved with this msg other then making a clip

Retro Technote says:

What’s the song starting at 01:40?

TooFastTooDoge says:

@redsoxlover216 ye and now he’s living on the street

atawad330 says:


laykerzfan4lyfe says:

thats so cute that it was at his old highschool!

Joe Coughlin says:

stvm for life. minus the fact theres hardly any st v kids in the commercial

Zach Hutson says:

Damn 7 kids dropped out of HS as I watched this video

Jae Lee says:

good work excellent cause

Raven Paradox says:

0:22 that guy doesn’t look like he woke up today…

AL MARUCUT ;') says:

LeBron traveled.

Greg Makoski says:

Thumbs up if Bron sent you.

murmie12 says:

@redsoxlover216 he didnt drop out of highschool he graduated with a 3.7 GPA

Jake Pulier says:

1st comment

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