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Steve Stoute and Russ discuss Independence at #SelectCon

INDEPENDENCE: A Conversation with Steve Stoute and Russ

During the conversation, Steve Stoute and Russ discussed Russ’ journey, his process releasing music, how he got his first show, making $1,000,000 a week, and how if Drake was to go Independent he’d shut down the music industry.

SELECTCon was a two-day digital conference presented by UnitedMasters bringing together industry experts, artists, creatives and brands to share insights with the independent creative community. Packed with fireside chats, panels, workshops, upfronts, performances, and more, the conference will feature Timbaland, Russ, Tobe Nwigwe, Royce Da 5’9, Director X, Bryan Michael Cox & Johnta Austin, Cam Kirk, Reel Goats, and brands such as Instagram, NBA, ESPN, Cash App, Earn Your Leisure, and JPMorgan Chase & Co.

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Avidclicks Media says:

Thank you for this UM.

Bosa says:

They were called slave copies derived from slave drives in technology. But it goes hand in hand and it’s all fucking terrible.

JahIssa Waganda says:

I just met Russ and never heard of him wow I am the newest follower..Just awesome Genius

Dayo sonic says:

In case yall wondering who Tobi Nwigwe is ? is our very own Nigerian artist tearing stuff up out there and he can still speak Igbo language meaning he can tear stuff up with Afrobeat too lol the about to control the controlling every continent. Where is tobe nwigwe from?
Tobe is short for Tobechukwu, which means “praise God” in Igbo, the language spoken by one of Nigeria's largest ethnic groups. Growing up in SWAT (a common local acronym for “South West Alief Texas”), Nwigwe lived a full Nigerian experience as a first-generation Nigerian-American.

BP says:

It'll be a trip when these big artists really start moving on their own and takin their leverage back. It's boutta be wild

Reveal Music says:

Just an update – Russ is now independent again.

Trip Lavine says:

This interview was fire… I’m def bout to switch from Distro to United Masters

Sasha Igwe says:

I don’t think being confident is narcissistic. Narcissism is a whole other monster

Black Hustle says:

On this path currently and i'm feeling this convo so much. Dont let ppl tell u whats possible, lets your actions match your ambitions. We out here grinding!

Wavy Pharaoh says:

T.I.P did something to Stoute back in the day. He talking too wild about T.I.P’s catalogues. T.I.P’s catalogue can go up against about any and every rapper’s catalogues.

DJ Big Inf says:

Thanks you Steve Stout for providing this platform. Very informative

Alexander says:

So many gems of wisdom in this video. Thank you so much! I’m inspired. Loved the JAY-Z stories btw, top 5!

romeo dice says:

Master-slaves! Woke

Bruce Hathcock says:

Yo I just stumbled on this channel and I am like wow. I need this to know I can manifest to be the greatness I am. Thank you I will be watching this all tge time.

Gregory Piccirilli says:

Incredible interview. Absolutely love hearing the intricate details to his success and business model

Juan Angel Perez says:

This is facts

Trap323a says:

Those weak ahh songs not going offs in no battle vs tip hits foh stout lmao new York folks I swear….. I salute russ now on a whole new level under appreciates legend

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