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Steve Stoute on Sway in The Morning part 2


EboEGateway swear says:

this dude a genius

shockinglyoriginal says:

his book is deep, love it. in changing careers at the top of his game i
have so much respect for this dude

khajahkool says:


diamante1184 says:

this man’s intellect cuts through conversation like butter, very
knowledgeable speaker. all you hear from the female sitting next to him is
“wow” after everything he says lol.



Myprops18 says:

Very sightful

Garfield Harrison says:

its about the tanning of the World Steve Stoute..the tanning of the World
Hip Hop influenced the planet

crose55 says:

One of the best Business Minds’ of our time

shockinglyoriginal says:

Find the comfort in discomfort, pay attention to the process…the words of
a well-rounded professional

TakeNoticeChannel says:

Steve Stoute’s understanding of arts and culture and how it relates to
business is unparalleled. Always a wealth of information when he speaks.

ceasdamonsta says:

How can you not feel what he’s saying.

treesthetruth says:

Agreed. Imagine how much one could gain from a solitary conversation with
this man.

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