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Steve Stoute On Working With Jay Z and the Nets – Media Beat (Part 3 of 3)


Mediabistro says:

“Advertising is the hip-hop business.”

vurbzfenomeno says: wasn’t a lightbulb…sheesh


It wasn’t a lightbulb!!

masterdeeable11 says:

It is apparent that you don’t know that the so called Jews were a big part
of The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. And, It is also apparent that you do not
READ correctly. Read the comment AGAIN. I’ll correct u again, I’m Blaming
US (The Black Man) to start being SELF-SUFFICIENT, we cannot blame the
White Man or others but ourselves! Got it!

masterdeeable11 says:

The SO CALLED JEWS own not only here in AMERICA but throughout the world.
The Chinese r still working hard but still have the other Asians who r just
of the same but have integrated on separate colonies such as S. Korea
Japan, Taiwan, to mention a few!

masterdeeable11 says:

Tell that to the Millions of Black People Lynched and murdered here in
America! Not including the Wars they participated in.

masterdeeable11 says:

Another thing OIL cannot transform u and put you to DEATH! (Not Physical
death but MENTAL DEATH)!

masterdeeable11 says:

Besides, Chinese do not own or run Hollywood the most powerful business
resource on the planet that can create your mindset with a twitch of an
eye! Almost everyone in the West loves American Culture thanks in part of
yours truly!

masterdeeable11 says:

Im talking about the past 6,000 years.

masterdeeable11 says:

@Mr.Steve Stoute,I respect you but you must stop being a Slave and lets
just let out the Fear and Standup to the Slave masters.Speaking for
you,what you really should say is that the so called Jews OWN everything in
particularly the Film,Music Industry not to mention everything you can name
as they OWN and MASTER everything they touch.Black People should learn from
them and unite all our close to wealthy Sports figures,celebrities and our
resources so that we can build on our very own!

K. Ranger says:

That was HILARIOUS!!



MasterStreetTeacher says:

what are you guys talking about ! Steve is dropping information on you, and
you guys are in left field….

masterdeeable11 says:

If we are going Global, how about the Greatest Holocaust known to all
Humanity? The 600 million Black People murdered and robbed of their
Culture, Language and Religion!

Jack A. Daniels says:

Steve Stoute is the quintessential conduit of cross-cultural diversity.
He’s SO necessary and we need more people like him to bridge our many
cultural divides. Keep up the “Translations” #Necessary

morten lauritsen says:

the intervjuer is nervous as fuck hahahaa

RHHH says:


Alix Montes says:

Steve Stoute is the man.

WeRunBrands says:

I’m actually using their company for a campaign for Harlem I think we need
them to penetrate that amrket

godofthisshit says:

You’re just talking about the Atlantic slave trade or also the Sahara or
Muslim slave trade?

godofthisshit says:

Word, Hollywood is the most powerful business resource? I thought oil was
bigger business. Stop blaming the jews for everything.

godofthisshit says:

Tell that to the million dead in Iraq.

godofthisshit says:

The Chinese seem to own a lot, are they Jews?

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