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Steve Stoute Speaks on New Platform for Artists and Future of the Music Business| SWAY’S UNIVERSE

Music icon Steve Stoute Calls in to Sway In The Morning to talk about the changes in the music industry and how it is evolving.

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Exclusive interviews from Sway Calloway and the Sway In The Morning/ team with some of today’s biggest celebrities, like Kevin Hart, Kanye West, Eminem, Usher, Jessica Alba, Steve Aoki, Torey Lanez, Julia Stiles and so much more.

Steve Stoute Speaks On The Evolution Of The Music Industry | SWAY’S UNIVERSE

Sway’s Universe

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Art King says:

@theartistbk check out canvas paintings of divine consciousness

Nick Mintz says:

Steve Stoute is preaching what Dame Dash has been pushing for years. Hopefully one day they can build something together.


Steve Stoute is very intelligent about the music industry and advertising business. He said a lot of gems in this interview.

星の王子さまサイヤ人じん says:

I remember this name from the one and only 50CENT.. ✔

Check It Out says:

Smoke good, eat healthy, smash often then come enjoy a fresh take on classic HOOD movies on my channel.

STILL says:

One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates. Non-Duality✌️&♥️

The Alkebulan Trust says:

The music industry has evolved mainly because of the likes of those who knew their worth and weren't afraid to go against the status quo. But Steve Stoute needs a docu-series with Omar Epps playing him…true or correct?

Eastside Jones says:

Eastside Jones checking in! #FindSnitchademiks

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