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Steve Stoute Talks Developing The Jacob Watch, Creating ‘Still D.R.E.’ & His First Deal With Jay-Z



Steve Stoute Thanks for sharing your Vision… you are so inspiring

biblefarce says:

Has an arrogant air about him. 

westxdirt says:

Where can I get a coors light champagne bottle?

whayes8084 says:

“The fuck I’m doing in parties with Hova and Steve Stoute” J. Cole

Abdul Moya says:

intelligent man but y the pink tie

Dwight Stewart says:

that tie is distracting

r0llskyay0 says:

never realized jay wrote still dre. it’s weird how all these artists write for each other but they never write their own stuff



MrNathan725 says:

did anybody relies that this black guy has a Chumash next to him in the 0:01 part of the video. WTH?

215shepard says:

This man is a business genius

Augie Wallace says:

“The art of wisdom is knowing what to overlook” [email protected]

kmcl11 says:

Black dude giving business advice to a man who sould already know about branding a business….wonder if steve got paid.

mrfitzwilliam says:

Great video, smart man. I think its time you purchase a Tripod… But thanks for the video.

Darron Henry says:

He is kicking some real knowledge!

Carlous Caple says:

I’m impressed – Continue to speak on it Brother Stoute.

MiC M says:

listen 2 Mike M – Murda
listen 2 Mike M – Murda
listen 2 Mike M - Murda

M.A. Cee-Kings says:

He just put a whole lot of shit in perspective for me. Damn!

kayla006ful says:

yo people and dame dash this kid on you tube we hearing a lot about is base out of nc styles j aka yung floss is the shit you need to focus on and he is so young with great talent i heard he raps really good and plays football well also thats a kid of money oppty dame contact his manager ladycee 5166556887 quick go to his you tube page he is only 14 or 15yrs old kid is a beast he is money he killed jim jones song at 11yrs old styles j poe video on you tube at stylesjyf1

Neoklassic Media & Entertainment says:

” the idea is the commodity”. 

MrBoomBapp says:

this is very true but at the same time future geniuses learn from geniuses, think about that lol

KOOL KID says:

Steve is from the true hip hop… I grew up in his era as a young starting dj

chiladin says:

You crazy ass hell you don’t have any class or taste if you’re not feeling that tie!

mississippiBull says:

Damn,,,,,, cats still say “pause”?!!!!!!?

funklik11 says:

Nigga used to carry kid-n-plays luggage.

Saskiequelle says:

The tie = Pause

Pres1617 says:

Damn is a twin of Omar Epps 4 real



CanvassBlack says:

“Most A students work for D students” I luv it!!!!!!

shengs71 says:

True. Success has very little to do with intelligence. The world is full of educated derelicts and intelligent alcoholics. Rich people are rich because they are smart and you do not need intellect to be smart, you can always hire it when you are smart enough. Tom Peters puts it nicely: Most A students work for D students.

Dubem Menakaya says:

no you sound very ignorant sayin that…succesful businessmen get rich by providing products which people think have some sort of value for them….thats what he did with the jacob watch, rappers and other people in the hiphop community thought that having that watch would enhance there life so he was smart in spotting the opportunity and providing it

Brandin Welch says:

whoa he is smart

CanvassBlack says:

You answered your own question. He speaks on how to be successful because he can make money selling motivational books and speaking to audiences. How do you define dummy? There are rich people who aren’t intelligent so money doesnt define a person’s intellect.

djataras says:

people in trenton dont know jay z as a rapper in 2000? what a joke 2000 jay was already a star in 2000 already sold 5 mil hardknock life he must have his dates wrong. still respect the gems but remember who ur talking too. im a casual fan and i can pick that up. stop trying to hype jays drug dealing career

Jungz says:

Because a dummy will see this video and still not understand what needs to be done to be successful..

jacowill58 says:

man hes very business minded i have been thinking the same things (same mindset not ideas)….but why would he speak on how to be successful…one thing i think a successful business man should know is that you have to let dummies be dummies and geniuses be genius…geniuses get rich off dummies lol…think about it

TherealMrPoppaSmurf says:

“Body on Campus” Album of the year itunes & Amazonmp3 true story youtube vid also

cubedmack says:

Steve Stout and Dame Dash are just alike, except Dame is very arrogant with his. Maybe that’s why Jay Z stop dealing with Dame and started rolling with Steve. They both are all about money but Steve is more laid back than Dame. I think Jay Z doesn’t like a lot of drama and Dame was all about drama.

mrburrus1 says:

I totally agree. This is literally “food for thought”.


@4:16 “the truth is found between the lies” haha

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