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Steve Stoute Talks The Music Biz, Nas & Hip Hop Beef!

Check out the second and final installment of Javid’s interview with the CEO of Translation advertising Steve Stoute. Last time Steve talked Jay-Z, Mary J. B…

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Jerome Benton says:

I can’t wait to read his Book! This guy is the smartest Hip Hop guy In the
business… He should run for President after Obama is finish with the
White house…

lightofpossibility says:

What is the name of the song in the beginning?

CloverPickingHarp says:

well spoken Steve

Ari Gold says:

I like your interviews. But think about using a mic for the sound. Actually
it’s pretty obvious to use one so I’m wondering why you guys didn’t…

George Galazy says:

Nas Is Big..He Is Just Does not Govern The Media..You Look for Nas Music
Nas will not Come To You With Massive Air Play On The Radio….Nas Funs Are
Family Very Unique We check on Each All The Time We know when An Album Is
Coming Out LIFE IS GOOD..

ahmedgunner15 says:

smart guy s/o to Nas!

loyaltyboy1 says:

ur wrong dude…nobody respect ross…they only on his tracks cus he paid
good for a collab!! everybody know he a fraud and when money talks bullshit
walks..thaTS Why ross got somnay bignames on his album!! and with money you
can buy people, even women , cars , houses, fame and glitter… BUT YOU
cant buy RESPECT!!! AND he knows that!! ross can run from the truth..!!!

Dubem Menakaya says:

Steve Stoute is a really smart guy and I’ve learned alot from these
interviews…however he’s wrong about people have moved on from beef, that
stuff will still sell and will always cause mass publicity because at every
human beings core we like to see conflict….thats why ufc and boxing are
so successful……Anyway Big ThankYou to lifefilestv for bringing us these

loyaltyboy1 says:

now ..after almost a year you said this a bout 50.. it is ross who is in
trouble now with his fake personality and with the GD gangsters. people are
tired to see this fake cop acting and selling fairy tales and lies on
records!! AND 50 is doing good now with his new single MY LIFE wich topped
number 1 on the i-tunes hitlist last weeks. 50 is a smart busnis man and he
also street wise, he know di art of war and knew that it was a bout time
for ross to break down!! now 50 is the winner!

SunMorningStar says:

And this is why Nas is truly the best Hip Hop Artist

ukendcx2000 says:

@Codycole80 He does have some good points. Very different perspective.

daggakid90 says:

50’s mistake was spending his energy on rick ross beef by bringing out tia
and the call girl ross is more famous than he was when he first
came out. Fif’s popularity is starting to die down

jdea503 says:

That’s why I like Nas! He could be that top selling dude if he wanted to,
but chose to just make good hiphop music!

maisha cherry says:

Great advice

shonha1 says:

Blaze A 50 from the Lost Tapes album


I respect Nas more now……”he said, nah, i dont wanna be anymore famous,
just wanna get my music out there”

medusa1069 says:

Nas and DMX in my opinion are the two realist top tier mc’s. What you see
is what you get.

ComikkiLL says:

jansdjnd “NAS GOOD!” ksjn fknaskf -Top comment

daggakid90 says:

Yes 50 is the winnder but then again look at how MMG is doing. My Life may
be topping up I-Tunes but Ross is topping up the charts. sad part of
reality is now he is respected amongst respected rappers such as Styles and
they turn the other cheek when the C.O. thing is brought up. for better or
worse controversy sells

Codycole80 says:

@ukendcx2000 I concur. I always wondered why Nas wasn’t as famous as Jay-Z,
Puff, and some of the others. I always assumed that it was probably some
crazy conspiracy by “The Man” type record executives that didn’t want to
see a brother with mostly positive, uplifting, and inspiring lyrics to
shine. I use to think that those execs would prefer to push negative lyrics
with no moral value to young black youth instead of the truth that Nas
speaks. Then again, maybe Nas doesn’t want to be that big.

ukendcx2000 says:

Interesting way of looking at Nas I had never considered that before. 3:00

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