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Steve Stoute Talks Writing His Book, The Gap’s Blunder & Digital Music

This is the first installment of Javid’s full length interview with Steve Stoute on his new book “The Tanning Of America”. In this clip Steve gets into the w…

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Augie Wallace says:

“The art of wisdom is knowing what to overlook” [email protected]

IhateUrFuckinFace says:

God Damn! Some real talk right here.

cortezforever says:

Do you know him?

Pirate7X says:

Excellent interview LifeFilesTV. Reporter asked clear, concise questions allowing Stoute to elaborate fully and the reporter quietly & patiently listened without distracting adlibs, etc. Very professional and great jewels from Steve.

Mayhemsr1 says:

great interview, i’ll be buying his book

Johnson Brothers says:

This is a great vid!

Neoklassic Media & Entertainment says:

The Law of Cause and Effect
…..shout out to Fu Snickens….lol

dottibody says:

his hublot is dope

dewfish says:

i wish they would hold the damn camera still and keep it focused.

mrburrus1 says:


Daryl Chambers says:

thanks for the video true inspiration too everyone

Rohan Chong says:

I got a lot of respect for this man. Esp how he didn’t let the Puff incident get in the way of doing business with him later on.

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