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Stevie TV + Ice Road Food Truckers + VH1


Luna Suescun says:

Lmfao! I love Stevie. Have the cow mittens at home.

Vanessa Barrera says:

Lmfao that slap
No cool Martha cx

bangbabybang says:

Ryan’s jacket!

Muhammad Haris says:

Oooooohhhh that slap at 01:36 I’ll kill you man! how dare you touch her…

Arūnas Kastėnas says:

one cannot resist beauty like that

ognavo1 says:

She is so hot

Team420 says:


deadley kittenz says:

i think that dude has on the jacket from the movie drive

Jessica David Woozworld says:

she’s totally stevie the one that’s addicted to twerking ‘-‘

Sidney Benitez says:

He just slapped her in face and she didnt do nothing about it ?

Lorenzo Ceresa says:


dgoddess2 says:

Go Truck Yourself=)

Jade Frost says:

I love me some Rayn

Shania Clayton says:

Go truck yourself! I love Stevie

amberh1592 says:

Why did he steal Ryan Goslings jacket?

lewisolajuwon says:

Mmm Stevie

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