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“Stop filming me!” – Tard


OverCapacity says:

I am convinced this “Tard” cat is an animatronic metaphor for the internet.

orionlogan says:

me at every family get together

iFARTEDonAkittensHEAD808 says:

I… I should get my mom a cat like Tard. It’s pure genius!

mgm2112 says:

That is the weirdest cat EVER!

whyhelloseymore says:

Yeah… me too

Faeryshivers says:

So is tard a rug hugger cat or does he have some kind of genetic disorder ?

IfIwasadragonwouldyourideme says:

Is it just me or does she look more sad than grumpy sometimes?

rylecx says:

dat waddle

jaredisawesomeandstuff says:

upvote tard always

Wuz314159 says:

Does this cat have its own Reality Show on Fox that I don’t know about?

kyya says:

this could be reposted every day and I’d have no problem with it. 😀

escalatorscannotbebrokentheycanonlybecomestairs says:

I will hide under here where I don’t like it even more…

bsockrock says:

WTF? Is THAT how he walks? He keeps getting better and better!


All cats are girls. Have you ever seen a cat penis?

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