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Such a fluffy pillow


kenasjos says:

cat looks so disgruntled

chemistrydoc says:

Ear muffs

icouldntthinkofafunnyusername says:

Ferocious attack in 3.. 2..1…

sweetwhatdoesminesay says:

So much cuteness!!! Squeeeeeeee

amproductions says:

Dog : “Do you love me yet?”

MotherofMrFace says:

R.I.P. Puppy

afistfulofchickens says:


AndIHaveNoIdeaWhatToPutHere says:


Nineteenletterslong says:

Imgur: O.O

PirateKai says:

The puppy looks so dissatisfied

TheChinamanIsNotTheIssue says:

Rape culture.

jimbosworldorg says:

Channeling Mike Tyson. “I’ll fuck you til you love me, ho”

stayCrunchymyFriends says:


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