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Summer of Fortune: A Small Town Romance (The Fortune Bay Series Book 1)

A ramshackle cabin by the lake, a haven for people at the crossroads of their lives.
She wasn’t looking for romance.
A single mother for the past ten years, Maddie’s been too busy for love, and too busy trying to make ends meet to jump start her sagging photography career.
When her daughter goes to live with her father for the summer, Maddie embraces the unexpected freedom and accepts the offer of the first solo show of her moody, black and white photographs.
Leaving Seattle and the safety of her job at an upscale art gallery, she heads to Washington State’s Majestic Lake and rents a rustic cabin on the lake where she finds the inspiration she needs and sets up her dark room.
A traumatic childhood has left her a loner. She’s always felt safer that way. But maintaining her distance is almost impossible in a town like Fortune Bay. Despite her best efforts, she slowly realizes that this is the life she’s always wished for but never thought she could have: inspiration, real friends, and the man and family of her dreams.
But now, when success and happiness beckon, Maddie’s not sure whether to take the chance, or if it will all blow up in her face when the people of Fortune Bay discover who she really is.
Welcome to Fortune Bay
Judith Hudson

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Anonymous says:

What a touching story….. I had never read anything by this author before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Most of the time when you come across a freebie, they aren’t all that good, but sometimes you find a total gem….just like this one. This may have been my first, but it won’t be my last!I loved everything about this book. It was well written and edited. It was a fairly clean book, meaning the author takes you right to a certain point, and then lets the readers imaginations take it to wherever they…

Anonymous says:

When Life Hands You Lemons Summer of Fortune is a sweet, small-town romance set in the Pacific Northwest. Filled with vivid imagery, a trademark of Judith Hudson’s writing, it makes you want to pack your bags and head for the country.The heroine, Maddie Tadesco, is a mature woman coming into her own, shaping her life that has in the past imprisoned her with shackles of expectations and disappointment. Pursuing her love for photography, she finds herself and falls in love with Jake Murphy her handsome, blue-eyed…

Anonymous says:

Maddie has tried so hard to be a good parent despite her own background Maddie runs away to a cabin on Majestic Lake, on the Olympic peninsula, to gather new photos for her first solo art show in the fall, but she’s hurting. Her daughter, Jenny, has chosen to spend her last summer before grade twelve with her father, Maddie’s ex-husband. Maddie has tried so hard to be a good parent despite her own background, the child of an alcoholic. Now she feels abandoned. She plunges into her photography loving the breathtaking mountain lake and pristine forest scenery. Slowly…

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