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SXSW: iJustine and Complex Celebrate Austin With Air Rifles, Cirque du Soleil, and “The Last of Us”


travis collins says:


rolilsby says:

hehe finally somebody called her stuff she deserves to be called like
superstar!! she’s so great and i love her so much!! thank you for having

Epicellie says:


Hitter84 says:

Go to Texas and shoot BB guns? You guys definitely don’t understand Texas
if BB guns are all you shoot.

Pikachu says:

I subscribe because Justine is in the video. Don’t forget to watch Justine
on George Takei youtube channel.

Pikachu says:

Justine is everyone dream girl. She crazy, she awesome, she funny, she play
video games, she does thing we love to do. But the problem is that she is
with Fwiz. Fwiz has a youtube channel.

Pikachu says:

Travis Collins what does FIRST really mean. I DON’T GET IT.

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