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Talib Kweli on The Combat Jack Show Ep. 3 (Appreciation for an online hip-hop community)


Soul Brown says:

if it was krit or jaren benton or tito lopez then i would say do a track
with them because they can rap even tho i don’t really listen to their shit
i can appreciate them as talented artist but not lil wayne come on now,
don’t insult our intelligence

Beatwize6 says:

Okay Talib….10 more years from now those devils I mentioned won’t even
let you do a rap record and you should always remember…you were one of
the rappers from the Hip Hop era that sold the culture out to them…once
again; open your eyes – Who are winning the top rap awards these days? Let
me give you a hint…they sure ain’t black. That’s your first sign right
there. Wise up ‘ol boy and stop helping to destroy our culture by closing

Beatwize6 says:

Yo, Talib; if you see this, just remember…Who’s getting the called Hip
Hop awards shows these days…who’s getting the top awards these days – I
don’t think I need to mention facts either. There is a difference between
True Hip Hop and rap and you know it.
last but not the least. Real Hip Hop is being infiltrated by those who
absolutely has nothing to do with the culture of Hip Hop – if those devils
want to steal rap then so be it, but true Hip Hop is about a movement, a
struggle and up lifting a people, and just because you do a song with a
white guy doesn’t change the fact that Hip Hop is not an industry thing but
a street thing whether you like it or not. By the way; I don’t see any
white people in the urban communities doing shit. The only place I see
white people is on TV receiving the highest awards for a black culture.
But again, they can have rap because no matter how many records they sell
– they will NEVER understand what True Hip Hop is.

Gerri says:

That insight solves the prolebm. Thanks!

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