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TanMeOn Tan Through Polo Shirt Men, Sun Through Polo-Shirt: No More Farmers Tan. Color: White, Blue Gray (XXL, White)

With TanMeOn, you will get tanned underneath the Polo shirt and thus reduce tanning marks. Our sports polo shirts are made of a patented material with pores that allow UV rays to reach the skin despite its opaque nature. Thus, the skin gets tanned evenly underneath the polo shirt. The Polo shirts do not allow complete sunlight to pass through since they have a sun protection factor (SPF) of 5 which was confirmed by the Hohenstein Institute during the textile testing.

TDo you want to avoid tanned forearms, face, neck and a white upper body when you take off your Polo after a long day of sport? Then TanMeOn Polos are ideal for you. Tanning marks from shirts (farmers tan) are reduced to a minimum by the patented technology.

Special features of the shirts:

UV-permeable material (40% cotton 60% polyester), therefore you get tanned underneath the Mens Polo Shirt Extremely thin hem on sleeves and round the neckline for maximum tan Extremely light and comfortable to wear, and therefore ideal for sports Washable at 30 degrees Get tanned under the Polo shirt with the help of a UV-permeable material

Our polo shirts are manufactured in Germany with fair wages. We lay great emphasis on quality workmanship and a perfectly-fitting cut.

Also available on Amazon from TanMeOn: Tan-through T-shirts with round neck or V-neck.

TanMeOn (tan me) is a start-up whose founder originally designed the shirts for his own personal interests. As a long-time tennis coach, a white upper body and tan forearms, face and neck were on the agenda at the end of each season. This idea has become a company for tan-through sportswear that has helped tennis players, joggers, cyclists and many other outdoor enthusiasts for the past 2 years to a get a tanned torso.

You will love TanMeOn Summer shirts. Try us now!

Product Features

  • Sun through material (40% cotton 60% polyester), get tanned underneath the T-shirt.
  • Reduces tanning marks to a minimum. No more FARMERS TAN!
  • Short sleeve outdoor polo shirt for Golf, Tennis, Cycling, Hockey, Soccer and leisure.
  • Ideal for vitamin D deficiency

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Lazy Primitive says:

It works…but I have used this shirt several times and it does work but there are a few things that you should know before purchasing.The main thing is it runs very small. Not just a bit small but at least one size smaller. I managed to squeeze into it but there is no way I would wear it in public. It is made of light material but that is to be expected considering the ability to tan through. The stitching did come apart at the bottom of the shirt but I assume it’s because of the size issue. I…

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