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'Tanning mom' turns 'weird and pale'


Heidi Hooo says:

Howd she get THAT BLACK

djguapo says:

Let’s cut to the chase

vTideLacez-sxvca says:

Lowkey, people shouldnt judge her. She needs the melanin. Shes taking action of saving her skin by applying more melanin to it.

ToastyStrawb says:

a lot of burning questions hMmmm who wrote the sCript

JakeTheGuy says:

Why do people do this to themselves??

ZuccStain says:

tanning mom be like: i so pale

Charlee Munoz says:

“I’m not gonna bring “moy luittle doe dure into a 90 degree bed”

Change to dark mode and you’ll see my pfp says:

0:48 me trying to explain to my parents how I got an F in every test

Gummy says:

Now imma just enjoy being a little bit paler than LA boys

Baynard Plumbing says:

Cooper is so racist

Bootgang girl2 says:

I'm black and she's darker than me

Kian Horsley says:

She so pale

Wxvy thb0 says:

She looks like a pretzel lol

Glenn Pugh says:

Can you say Melanoma?

Notyet Skeletal says:

What of she was African. Howard he sound?

Dixie Cup says:

Yoooooo gender bend trump

A Returning Dog says:

She looks much healthier omg

Tric Mim says:

Who is the MC ? Anyone know his name please tell me. Thanks a lot ❤️❤️❤️

Shashank Kumar says:

Darker than me

Miss Keiko says:

I love my white skin

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