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Thank You For The Memories Studio Ghibli


madmattz says:

The best anime films EVER. Love love love love love love his films

VillainousRapscallion says:

well last they went down with an untarnished record.

twoticketsforthatthingyoulike says:

As shocking as this news is, I can’t help but hear the CSI YEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH in the last frame.

pokemontrainergreene says:

Princess mononoke is my favorite movie from them.

b4mb4mb4m says:

Ghibli is not definitively shutting down, with Miyazaki retiring, they are looking at what next steps they should take (if any).

roaringstar4 says:

thank you! I’m afraid this post is going to be misinterpreted!

roaringstar4 says:

sorry, I read more into the issue and its due to lack of revenue atm. They could switch back to movies in the future.

rickystarband says:


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