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The 23 Most Adorable Moments From One Direction’s Newest Video

1. When Harry sang in the arms if these two burly men.

2. When Zayn sang in front of 10 Downing Street while Harry gyrated in the background.

3. When Liam opened up the shower while Niall was in it.

4. And then he just rubbed himself and danced like this.

5. And then when he shimmied and Liam got tired of watching him.

6. When he skipped all fabulously.

7. When they danced like this.

8. And this.

9. When they just stood there while an entire crowd did their dance moves for them.

10. When Zayn was confused about everything happening around him.

11. And when they all bobbed along anyway.

12. When Zayn caressed this pole all seductively.

13. When this dance happened.

14. When Harry moved like this.

15. When they all thrust outside of 10 Downing Street.

16. And then when the prime minister came out and was like WTF.

17. And then when they all danced around him anyway.

18. When Harry got fresh with the Statue of Liberty.

19. When this conga line happened.

20. When this tongue flick happened.

21. When Zayn seductively stroked and sang to this tree.

22. And when they all twirled around with red noses.

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