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The 23 Most Important Lessons Learned During Your Childhood

1. What it means to have a beard:

2. All about drug dealers:

3. How to make friends:

4. The meaning of life:

5. What life is all about:

6. The best compliment anyone can give:

7. How to be above the law:

8. What the most important things in life are:

9. How to ask someone out:

10. What freedom really feels like:

11. What to do with Math homework:

12. How terrifying swans are:

13. Why I got all those detentions:

14. Why sleep is not important:

15. All about fashion:

16. How the pioneers traveled:


18. Why school isn’t so bad:

19. How to find true love:

20. Who loves orange soda:

21. “Tupac Shakur” is not a Jewish holiday:

22. How to work out:

23. And that Lori Beth’s information is absolutely VITAL:

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