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The Animated Gifs Series: Fantastic Fails

In the Sifter’s fourth installment of the Awesome Animated Gif Series, we follow up from part III’s All kinds of Amazing with 21 fantastic fails. It was hard to narrow down this post to only 21 gifs as there are way too many to choose from. There’s a wide variety in this post, hope it gives you a little chuckle on a Monday 🙂

1. Almost a spin kick

2. Knock yourself out

3. Awkward Handhshake

4. Almost a backflip

5. Dog’s worst nightmare

6. So long backpack

7. Nice toss

8. Crotch Ollie

9. Shopping Cart Disaster

10. Suddenly cake

11. Wall Inspector

12. Back dive

13. That was not the shape

14. The Toronto Raptors Ladies and Gentlemen

15. Can’t Let Go

16. Nothing to see here

17. Wobbles

18. Mariah Carey

19. Momentum

20. Face Dive

21. Leap of Faith

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