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The Best/Worst Ron Paul Fan Music

Like with any subculture, the diehard fans of Ron Paul have created their own genre of music. Ron Paul music is less about specific genre — sometimes you’ll find rap, sometimes quiet folk music — and more about repeating all of Paul’s policies in a three-minute YouTube clip. And there’s a lot of it.

Ron Paul music went mainstream last night as the congressman exited the stage to the sonic accompaniment of Aimee Allen’s “Ron Paul Anthem.” (It’s actually from 2008).

No discussion of Ron Paul-related music could leave out Golden State, the California band that have become aggressive Paulites this election cycle. The song “Bombs (The Ron Paul Song)” was the subject of a “Ron Paul iTunes Bomb” to get it to #1 on iTunes in time for Christmas:

Sometimes, Paul-related musical offerings trend less garage-band and more old school, like this re-setting of the lyrics to a vintage “Sound of Music” song.

Sometimes Paul music doesn’t come from random fans, but from Paul’s own circle. “I’m a Ron Paul Girl” is 2012-cycle ditty from Chloe Wead, daughter of Paul adviser Doug Wead. “In the year 2008, the economy was great / Only one man could see the coming fall,” she sings.

Though one of Paul’s highest-profile supporters is a hip hop artist, at first glance it doesn’t seem to follow logic that there would be so much rap music devoted to a 76-year-old Texas Congressman.. But there’s a surprising amount. Here’s a song by Seattle-based group Rise, Consise & Krookid; the YouTube description notes that “This is the third track Rise, Consise & Krookid have made in support of Congressman Ron Paul.”

“RESULTS AGREE: I’M WIT RON PAUL” by MC Rebel is only a few days old. This the clean version. There’s also a “Street Version.”

A “Rock the Revolution Tour” — featuring Ron Paul’s other high profile rap endorser KRS-One — was scheduled for this past fall, but cancelled. His other celebrity musical endorsers like Kelly Clarkson and Barry Manilow have not produced Paul-specific music.

As for Paul’s musical preferences: in the Paul Internet universe, the candidate’s favorite song is widely believed to be “Alice’s Restaurant Massacre,” a 19-minute anti-war anthem by Arlo Guthrie from the late ’60s.

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