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The Big Bang Theory — Jim Parsons


MDkid1 says:

Gosh, the poor kid is sweating up a storm!

Tatiana Ellis says:

He is so cute and innocent here went Ed embarrassed

Milagros Andérica says:

omg, chuck is dying too !!

73HNiNJ4 says:

i think its on hulu

TheZenzen76 says:

When was it recorded ?

NGrass222 says:

Sheldon cooper

couthboies says:

He never finished answering the question…

lissixfiles says:

Where I can find the complete interview? please!

ZIGGYtheAwEsOmE1 says:

Johnny is laughing so hard xD

Maeve Kerins says:

Aww Johny and Chuck are in hysterics!

TheZenzen76 says:

Oh ok ! 2009 ! Sort i HAVE to learn how to read !!

starcrossedlovers24 says:

When are the Newsroom ones gonna be uploaded?

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