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The billboards in my town just keep getting stranger and stranger…


robemmy says:

Where are his limbs?

ButterflyCrimeScene says:

…ten what?

catangel101 says:

I went to the website. I am still confused.

LoneDirewolf says:

Scooter the type of nigga to go all hard, even with no balls

Dae2k4 says:

You need to understand, the war between humans and pet testicles is real

evbaab says:

give them ten stitches?

KateUptonsNipples says:

Would you like an explanation because you’re not a native speaker of English?

KateUptonsNipples says:

Well then you should know what this means

notirrelevant says:

did they remove his front legs too?


If only there was a website address on the billboard to lead you to more information…..

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