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The Black Powder Plainsman: A Beginner’s Guide to Muzzleloading and Reenactment on the Great Plains

A guide for those curious about antique rifles, the lost art of muzzleloading, and the history of the Old West from an expert on black powder hunting.
The Black Powder Plainsman provides a wealth of information on muzzleloading and the history of the Plainsmen. The author explores the lives and roles of women, Plainsmen relations with the Native Americans, and the current status of the hobby of muzzleloading, along with many other topics. He also shares advice on how to get involved in historical reenactments and how to preserve the values of the early Plainsmen. Hunting techniques with muzzleloading rifles are also explored.

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Anonymous says:

Quite happy with this book! Having been on the periphery of the black powder lifestyle, as I like to call it, for some years now, it is only recently that I obtained a black powder rifle of my own. My interest in the period was definitely piqued after I received a period-correct possibles bag and powder horn as a gift. It was then that I felt the urge to start doing some serious research into the period.This book serves as a good start to do just that. History is recounted in an engaging style, not as a dry…

Anonymous says:

A good quick read

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