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The Brave Captains (The Phillip Hazard Novels) (Vol 2)

As the Russian cavalry prepares to launch a full-scale attack to seize Balaclava, the British find themselves in desperate straits. Dangerously outnumbered, they are hoping for reinforcements, but in the meantime they must hold their ground, calling for heroism that will test the courage of even the bravest man. Dodging bursting shells and Russian Cossacks, Hazard proves that the bluejackets fight as well on land as they do at sea.

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Anthony Pickering says:

A Suprise I read the first volume of the Hazard series and found it very enjoyable. I ordered The Brave Captains and was looking forward to it. I then read a review that panned the book and called it a mess. I thought that was unlikely, given how everything else I had read by Vivian Stuart was first rate and I just put it down as a poor review. I started into The Brave Captains and the review was right – tough slogging. It is a dreary list of dates and brief engagements and who was appointed where…

Charles Bussell says:

The Brave Captains The title should have been “The Brave Reader” because you’ll need to be brave to finish reading this mess. I gave up about a quarter through the book. Volume #1 was a good read. What happened?

Anonymous says:

This is the only series I know of covering the siege of Sebastapol and the Black Sea shenanigans, and it is very well done. The whole series is fun and educational… and unique! Stuart was a very good writer indeed, and I wish she was still writing.

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