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The Breakfast Club 12.11.12


gglovep20 says:

frank ocean…….enemas ahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahah

Laycee Milan says:

Lmao @ uh oh you about to sound like a bitch haha.. Cthagod is cray

reaper4432 says:

chief keef for a dirty mop. haha

John White says:

Rick Ross show be on the boondocks

mscourt says:

So glad Angela is supposed to be coming back tomorrow.

jarvon ravenell says:

“BIg Sean for Magnum Condoms” Charlamagne out did himself today with the
gay shit

brooklynshoebabe says:

Ha. I love you more now, man.

Champiz says:

Loooollll, don’t kill me Terrance



cdlove3000 says:

the REAL first! ha! lol.. 😉

DukeBeri says:

Catfish roaches related to shrimp and lobsters to char b telling the true

Garion Bush says:

Everytime I see envy he look high but he swear he don’t smoke…but I ain’t
gon stop him from selling his dream

Osmosis42Jones says:

Who’s ugly ass gave this a thumbs down

Rospoo says:

@moni3686 I Agree she’s hella annoying.

AaronEC says:

Envy fucking spoling Homeland, what the fuck wrong with this guy!!! Great
show tho

miketherealest100 says:


LeftLaneDreams says:

They said she is coming back Thursday..

DukeBeri says:

Yo y wiz catfish got a doubie char got a jack and envy look like a fat
Cuban wit apretzel lol butt buttress butt

chakazulu87 says:

I LOVE outkast I thirst for a new album. lol Andre & Big boi’s solo
projects are great too !!

nickelwindow53 says:

Envy look fat as fuck on this pick!

nerrej says:

thats m easy. But you know what, thats kind of his character or his
signature now. Kind of like What that mouth do though?

mlharris83 says:

Yo, Keep the videos coming man. Appreciate cha! 4th.

nelso2n says:

absolute bullshit on the rick ross “reason” of not going

moni3686 says:

I love the show without Angela.

KadeAuron says:

I want to…… vagina. I mean what else… do you want me to say.

cdlove3000 says:

ha! ha! Terrance…very funny!! lol!!!! thanks for posting! 🙂

alex reid says:

me too!! its way better!

Jas Clark says:

Love the guy laughing in the background! It’s so unprofessional but I love
my ppl lol

mscourt says:

Angela said on Twitter she’ll be back tomorrow.

dcollin678 says:

(Awkward Silence) Man God Bless Ciara. lol

mscourt says:

Envy doing the rumor report is soooooooooooo gay!!!!!!!

Jas Clark says:

That Ciara clip …….. o_O

djksquallzz says:

envy says his kids asked for a safe. charlamagne- “for what?!” Lol.
“regular kids ask for a piggy bank, envys kids want a safe.” LMAO

DrSamuelLoomis says:

I see yee is still on Gaycation

Jaelen Wilder says:

charlamagne wanted slander Ciara sooooo bad lmao

JackMoveJohnny says:

If I could put any celebrity on a product, I would put Angela Yee on my
face 😛

excusemyG says:

catfish is the PIG of the OCEAN CthaGod??? lol really…the ocean? haha

Ayeisha Gipson says:

why does Envy look like a constipated Chinese man in this pic? Lmao

MrRashaun8821 says:

So sarcastic…….

Terrance Johnson says:


Terrance Johnson says:

Just wanted see how that feels………nothing

ficerrrrrrrrr says:


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