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The bus


imatworkrightnow says:

This is so meta

MundoCani says:

I’ll get you for this Butler!

youvegotredonyou says:

we must go deeper!

hunderedprocentpear says:

Alfa Bus.

BenadrylCrumplepack says:


phiya says:

How come none of those buses have emergency exits on the roof. This is making me claustrophobic man.

TheseAreNotTheDroidsYouAreLookingFor says:

lyke dis if you kry evrytyme

TheDarkPotato says:

Thanks Captain O, I would have never seen that myself.

Rezol says:

This is some Junji Ito shit right here.

holyrustedmetalbatmanusedtobemynamebutnowitsthis says:

Oh yeah… that’s the ticket!

ComposedYannuts says:

why the fuck is this on the front page

TheDarkPotato says:

Sorry about that, bad joke I guess. Hard to have tones on the internet ):

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