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The Cage (Pilot)


Matthew T. Weflen "Matthew Weflen" says:

Spectacular visuals, nice extras, a few quibbles The Program:If I could find something new to say about Star Trek, that would be a feat in itself. Let it suffice to say that it’s the most successful TV sci-fi franchise of all time, was a pioneering show in many respects, and is just darned entertaining to watch, whether you’re a “true believer” or not.Season One of the Original Series is a great place to start for newbies and fanatics alike. We are introduced to the Romulans, Klingons, Khan, Starfleet, the Federation…

Michael Dempsey "demzer" says:

Film is naturally HD To rebut another review, anything professionally shot on 35 mm film, whether from the 1960s or 2007, is natively high-definition–that is, the amount of information that has been recorded on the MASTER is equal to or greater than HD standards. It’s only the duplications that, until HD mastering, were of lesser definition. That’s the reason studios at first were so hesitant to adopt HD DVDs–it diminished the value of their master if everyone had a copy as good. So when a film is remastered…

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