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The Colbert REport's Inbox: Who would win in a fight? Lion or Tiger?


IFuckingLoveMaps says:

How many unarmed men would it take to take out a Rhino? (Assuming it was OK to hunt Rhinos).

darkdragonempress says:

A fuckton.

incrediblyirrelevant says:

I assume it would require about 291 of these un-armed men to bite the beast down.

IFuckingLoveMaps says:

Metric or imperial?

etilauqa says:

lost my shit at they call each other ‘tiggers’ but you should not

Glumerlink says:

American, mostly

diaexx says:

I think I play too much PvZ, because when I saw the kids letter, I thought it was from a zombie…

bkconn says:

But an island inhabited by cereal box mascots would be amazing.

XIntolerableX says:

Tigga, please…


As a “Tigger” this cracked me up.

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