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The Commodification of hip hop


stillersgirl says:

Hip hop is not about chains or bling or pot. It’s a lifestyle. It evolved
out of a lack of control over awareness of issues within communities in the
Bronx in NYC. While we find it easy to blame big business’s influence on
hip hop, we must not forget that big business affects all aspects of our
life, and that every society buys into the images we see on tv, movies,
music, etc. “Not looking into the future” is a direct result of a LACK of
funding in the American education system. Peace& Love

ken blaze says:

GOOD video, sad to see what was once hip hop down the drain due to corps
and the gov and illuminati.

cacoonlovespiglet says:

i love Brooke!!! 🙂

Alexred94 says:

Nas is right hip hop is dead! If you cant see that mainstream rap isnt dead
your fucking blind! Its too commercialized!

GTOMessiah says:

Yep and When I had my Cazals and Shells, I was doing it to fight
Oppression. Let these kids buy what they want. We did it as kids. Jordans
been out since 86.

TajimaMunenori says:

Hip Hop belonged to the disenfranchised, marginalised, and nerds.

Paz00ka says:

im so passionate about this stuff. dangerously so, to the point where
someone might have to restrain me if i ever see 50 cent on the street.

DjFingers Flores says:

i feel sorry for these kids comin’ up now thinkin’ this new rap music is
for real….

amina70angel says:

@kennboy1 what is illuminati ???

CCCOBI says:

50 cent isnt hip hop. He doesn’t give a shit about hip-hop culture, just
riding on the movement to make money.

killbbob says:

hip hop is deeper than any thing that happend on america soil its in a
black mans soul understand this in our blood we are blessed to speak with
soul and rhythm it cant die but it can be used for evil

Kristian Thompson says:

The only things you can purchase to make yourself more down are music,
books, art supplies or music equipment. Nobody sold fat laces, kids made
em.. so they could differentiate themselves from the images that were being
marketed to them. Run out and try to buy yourself the image of Lil Wayne or
Jay Z or any of those cats, you are moving towards the mainstream and away
from the originality that sparked this culture. Broke9207

thirdshift47 says:

Right now is the ‘golden age of underground hip hop’?!! How so?

SJW73069 says:

Very interesting. It was interesting to know that the people on the clip
felt the way they did with old school hip hop versus modern/todays hip hop.
I agree with them

nemesis700 says:

‘there’s more to this than shiny chains and bracelets’ – Planetary feat
Jedi Mind Tricks I Against I

thirdshift47 says:

I see. Thanks.

Paul Agola says:

too late hip hop is already gone

amina70angel says:

@kennboy1 OK

zulukidd says:

“modern day hip hop to me is like

harry lam says:

great video, im using this for my paper on youth culture and hip hop

ken blaze says:

@amina70angel youtube it.

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