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The Daily Life of A Couple Living With A Bear For 24 Years

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    Svetlana and Yuriy from Moscow, Russia, adopted a brown bear named Stepan when he was a cub and have been raising him ever since

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    Twenty-four years have gone by since they found the defenseless cub, and Stepan grew four times larger

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    Svetlana and Yuriy raised Stephan with so much love and he was always treated as part of the family.

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    For 23 years, Svetlana and Yuriy have provided Stepan with the all necessities needed to survive

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    A mission that was quite easy considering brown bears are diverse omnivores who can eat the widest variety of plants and meat out of practically any animal.

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    Stephan eats 25kg of fish, vegetables and eggs every day!

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    Stepan loves to spend his days playing with Svetlana and Yuriy out in the yard, having a picnic made up of grapes and porridge.

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    Or Just an afternoon tea party

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    Stepan is also a curious creature. Yuriy spends a lot of time reading to Stepan. And no, surprisingly, it’s not Winnie The Poo.

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    Svetlana, Yuriy, and Stepan have been together over two decades and their relationship has only appeared to get stronger with each passing day.

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