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The Definitive Ranking Of Jared Leto Hair Cuts

Dallas Buyers Cut. Requiem for a Snip. Cut Interrupted. Mr.Nohair. An honest look at one of our favorite rock star/Oscar winners. Is that a thing? Now it is.

14. The Blonde Mullet

The Blonde Mullet

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Jared sported this ‘do during the shooting of Thirty Seconds to Mars’ Hurricane music video. Tempting, but a little too Billy Ray Cyrus for my taste. The people behind him had their identities protected, for a reason. I’m sure. Bike not included.

13. The Middle Aged Mom (With an Edge)

The Middle Aged Mom (With an Edge)

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He’s probably prettier than your mom, to be honest. But this cut is just too much. Mama Cheryl would probably enter the salon and ask for something free and wild, but Jared just sits down and theyknow. This one is definitely a miss. Sorry J.

12. Emo Heartthrob Part I

Emo Heartthrob Part I

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I had quite a pension for this look when I was but a wee lass. But now, I know better and I think he does too. Dip died ends are for 7th graders, I was a culprit of this look except I had dishwater blonde hair and messed it up with Manic Panic. Well, we can’t all win.

11. The Jesus Part I

The Jesus Part I

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Circa 2003 Jared had wrapped the mega-million picture Alexander and I think he stayed in his gladiators too long. The look ends up coming off as unkempt, and as much as I love Jared, we all must leave this look in 2003, where it belongs.

10. The Catalano

The Catalano

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So many people love this cut like a fat kid loves cake. Lets be real though, he’s so much cooler than that! Come on people, rockstar/actor/director/philanthropist/activist Jared Leto transcends the Catalano. The 90s can keep it yo.

9. The Emo Hearthrob II

The Emo Hearthrob II

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Buzzed and ready for action. Kind of similar to that Timberlake Futuresex/Lovesounds Era look. I dig it yo, I rather like this. Eyeliner? YES. Oh, that’s not socially acceptable? #nevermind

8. The “Sonic”

The "Sonic"

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The Intensity! Spikey hedgehog like hair has been a staple for Jared since the release of Mars’ Junior effort This Is War, one of my favorite albums of all time. This look is pretty cool, even though it gets flack from the fashionistas. Rock Stars should do whatever they want.

7. The Regular Guy

The Regular Guy

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Bleh. Not Leto. No flare, no risk. He still looks great though. Like always. Am I babbling…sorry.

6. The Efron

The Efron

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Seriously, they could be brothers 20 years removed. This, is a bit gratuitous but this is buzzfeed right? We’re not in church. Get it together people!

5. The Pomhawk

The Pomhawk

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GAH Bonafide Rock Star over here. I love this period.

4. The Movie Star

The Movie Star

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I. Can’t. Even.

3. The One You Show All Your Friends

The One You Show All Your Friends

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This is definitely the most universally adored Jared. He looks normal enough for your mom, hot enough for your friends, and cool enough for you. #win

2. The Award-Pony-Bun

The Award-Pony-Bun

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Need I say more? It says, “Hey, I’m formal, but I like to party.”

1. The Jesus II (The SpaceChrist)

The Jesus II (The SpaceChrist)

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Behold, that winning smile, the perfectly dip-dyed Ombre. The spectacle. The charisma. The Christ! This one is a favorite. He’s got hair better than the Kardashians. Don’t even step to this. My best friend calls him a space Christ, because he’s out of this world, and I think that’s accurate.

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