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The Disney Channels memorial to Robin Williams after their screening of Aladdin tonight.


postapocalyptic says:

Cocaine art?

godzillasgreatleader says:

You too elcabritoindigo

Brown352 says:

You guys have to think, with his acting over The years, the voices and faces he would make, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, I think 1/2

Brown352 says:

that is the main reason, he didn’t want to be a bother, he didn’t want his family and fans to see him deteriorate in to an unable man, 2/3

Brown352 says:

Plus, the biggest thing, I think he knew that he wouldn’t be able to do what he loved for much longer. I think he was sparring everyone 3/4

rabizzle says:

“I always like to shake things uo” – Robin Williams, had he survived a couple more years. RIP in peace Iago the parrot.

monkehbusiness says:

You mean after they cash in on his death?

WoveTrueWove says:


Lockerlock says:

Thats nice, I posted it 24 hours ago, so thats twice you reposted it now:

ShinObama says:

Every dead person is a saint. The guy was probably cool but he went out like a selfish bitch.

YamatoIouko says:

Oh, it can, I agree. It all depends on exactly where one is. But sometimes you really need to be cheered up before you can really laugh.

Lockerlock says:

Original post to shush the false repost claim:

CanadianEngineer says:

Or a bloody hit squad..

insearchoftheperfectusername says:

I have a severely bipolar friend who said “as soon as I heard he was an unmedicated bipolar patient, I knew he was doomed to die from (1/?)

Matthewhimself says:

You’re really proud of trying to be the “first person ever to show this” aren’t you?

Matthewhimself says:

Didn’t say I was first. I said I posted it earlier that day. Never claimed that you didn’t.

Lockerlock says:

Oh so that’s how you want to play this haha! Cool beans. Hey, I never claimed you didn’t post it either, just a long time after me.

Matthewhimself says:

Get over yourself. I’m done with this “argument”.

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