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The Evolution Of Consciousness Pt.2


raluxor says:

wow ali muhamid drop the science!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SirWilliam Grant says:

First become 1 b4 speaking of 1….u ound like u upset about

jeffery washington says:

Remember brother there two typs of Masons Prince Hall, & the iluminati

BRO CAUZ says:

Heaven is a state of mind. I been on earth fighting the damn devilish
system since birth 24 7 I keep my documents like people keep receipts, They
tell me to my face in every battle literally “why are you fighting you
don’t see any of your people fighting back” true talk. The actions denote
the nature no matter what etymology you apply to it, We conscious and
talking, right now these devils are using policy to destroy us physically
and mentally further. I appreciate this but we need to fn build

ballz268 says:


aubrey44 says:

Good shit.. Keep’em coming brother…

mrastrogod says:

Powerful indeed

Ronald Frank says:

Another group with the same name appeared on the scene later calling
themselves the ‘Knights of Liberty’ was a branch of the KKK in Oklahoma,
who tarred and feathered other white folks from the International Workers
of the World aka the Wobblies. The Wobblies were for workers rights and had
Communist leanings.This occurred in November of 1917 in Tulsa, OK.

adollarsign says:

names of the books Please? Ali

antwon7777 says:

How can someone who isnt a mason speak on freemasonry??? SMH

SuperDeepzone says:

I am not trying to defend masons but if you look up “masonic hoodwink” they
say it doesn’t mean something negitive. They say it’s a type of blindfold
that look like googles used in masonic intiation rituals which was first
use in the 1800s. The original meaning of hoodwink goes back to the 1560,
meaning to blindfold. In 1600 some people used it figuratively to mean
deceive but it don’t necessarily always mean that purpose. And EM and KM
were both masons

Michael Phillips says:

This is what I’m Talkin bout Sa Neter

Setep en RA Neteru says:


yemenyaratehuti9 says:

nice ….

Peaceandrice says:

We need less street debates and more Healthy Discussions like these. Thanks
for posting

3rdworldparty says:

the masonic bible I encountered is way bigger , brown , and deep

More Rhythem says:

man AA rashid is the realest nigga i respect him alot yall niggaz is

11fuckn9 says:

Brother SANETER keep bring our people to the information.

Nigel Conover says:


OnePlusOneEquals3 says:

Oz worship, that’s why in the Wizard of Oz they’re on the “yellow” brick


Leo. L llllll l l l

stickycommons says:

Can’t believe yall still being “sucked” in by obvious false “profit”
masons…ya heard!

AnytimeNigguh says:



Saneter you a bad man

Keon Williams says:

sound angry brother.. maybe because your in denial ya heard??? haha

Ronald Frank says:

Moses Dickson was a Black Christian preacher from St.Louis, MO who started
the Knights of Liberty in 1843 to combat slavery. The Klu Klux Klan wasen’t
founded until after the Civil War was over, 1866 by ex-confederate soldiers
in Pulaski,TN. So unless the Knights of Liberty continued to exist after
1865, then they very well could of killed Klan members.

Jashan Tangle says:

We both agree that that damn white beast got hell to pay! Im in the south
man and let me tell you, these damn whitefolks buying up all the guns and
ammo shook like them guns gonna save them.

planetzeb1 says:

thumbs up to #2 too

OnePlusOneEquals3 says:

How does letting faggots into freemasonry close the door on weak

brianbmf86 says:

O ok thanks for the info,i think im going to join the prince hall masons
blue lodge than from there the prince hall knights templar.

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