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A top secret elite SEAL team and other U.S. Navy personnel, including exceptionally beautiful women, sail on board a luxury yacht equipped with high tech weapons. Their mission–to hunt a dangerous group of Somali pirates off the Horn of Africa.

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LR French says:

Compelling! A book about the Navy Seals is not a typical choice for me, but it was recommended and I decided to give it a try. I was immediately caught up into the action and adventure of the story after what was a brutal, but likely accurate portrayal of Somali pirates commandeering an American yacht. I especially enjoyed the variety of characters and their development throughout and am pleased to note that the author allowed the women to remain strong and important characters throughout the story…

Mary K. Maguire "mkmagu" says:

Hard to put down This book was great with an interesting concept for going after the Somali pirates. The story puts highly skilled women into a battle and shows that they can hold there own. It even mentions one of the women out shooting the special SEAL team. I read this via my Kindle app which the formatting was not that great too many blank pages.

Linda Fiorella says:

Great Read! I’m not usually a great fan of action, but this was definitely a page turner. I liked the character development, and the action kept me hooked. I even found myself doing some Internet research to learn more about the area and the types of boats. Definitely a book that I would recommend to friends!

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