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The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker – Episode 24


Jose Aparicio says:

drink more coffee

Zeldamaster93 says:

Love the Miniboss theme in this game. It’s one of the best in the series. πŸ˜€

Kaylee Tackett says:

Do you eat like a TON of chocolate before you make your videos πŸ˜€ <3

ReSubrose says:

“Sneak not only effervesces every video…” Yay I know how to use that word

LoboRaptorLo says:

Link Use Kamikaze, it’s SUPER EFFECTIVE

MegaBigboss111 says:

Hey sneak i thing that for one episode you should try to be searous and see
what your commentairys are like

PCachu says:

Mr. Pot Contents Randomizer wasn’t being your friend today. No magic
refills? Sewiouswy.

thefaff999 says:

Your a surprisingly good singer sneak. And let’s play curse upon you!!!

14Shushes says:


MinatoFalconGamer says:

How many time do you keep falling? X3

Aaron Page says:

the room around 12:13 on the other side? i think there’s a tingle statue,
but you need a gba to get it

3Triforce1Returns says:


Nico Grindley says:

class voice even though it’s funny i can easily understand you haha. only
just started to watch your videos and i’m really enjoying your wind waker
episodes. thanks for the friend request πŸ˜€

LetsPlayNowOrNever says:

Finally 15 Minutes Episodes πŸ˜›

TheKirbyMask says:

09:34 Sneak: Oh there it is! ….Ok….*plays command melody* Me:
*Facepalm* UR DOIN IT WRONG!! XD

RedPandaGamer says:

dude, you talk waaaay too fast T_T

ZakTheGreatKing says:

Do you get stoned when you record? Holy shit you talk so fast, it’s funny!

iSneakSometimes says:

@RedPandaGamer dude, you talk waaaay too slowο»Ώ T_T πŸ˜›

BattleMessMW2 says:

DUDE are you like slyfox reletive chous you talk really fast and you giggle
just like HIM πŸ˜€

chuggayoshi says:

@ISneakSometimes besidesitalkthefastestsinceidon’tusespaceatall.

TheDailyMeh says:

12:15 Suicidal Sneak

iSneakSometimes says:

@MegaBigboss111 Watch my first video! Awkward and serious sneak ftw! Lololol

raichu12002 says:


David Jameson says:

Dude, I meant to ask this on previous videos, but your aiming makes it even
more of a possibility… do you have ADHD? Or do you just eat a load of
sugar before each recording session?

LetsPlayMrMike says:

You have an amazing singing voice πŸ™‚

Dekinosai says:

… Okay maybe you should take the time to enunciate certain words, because
when you said the thing you get at 4:15 it sounds like something that
happens pretty often for teenage boys and onward. Yes I went there. Teehee.

Ugmorono says:

i like the close up of link at the end

BlakayTheUnusual says:

half the time idk WHAT ur talking about… thats what makes u awesome

TryclydeTamer says:


ExcludedGamer says:

Moar :D, and a sidenote, Sup Panda πŸ˜€

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