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The Lightship

In THE LIGHTSHIP, the pacifist captain of a floating lighthouse refuses to fight violence with violence after he rescues a stranded motorboat occupied by three dangerous criminals who want to hijack the ship.

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Mike Crestwood says:

great characters! Any movie that is confined to basically one set is a tough sell. Life boat pulled it off. So does lightship. Just the interaction between Duvall, Arlis Howard and William Forsythe is worth the price of the tape. The bit where Dr. Casparry dances with Eddie Waxler while Gene Waxler looks on is so well done it looked real. This movie, much like Aliens, is chocked full of great characters, and they all get a chance to shine.

PJR says:

Terribly Disappointing! The premise is a good one—the crew of an isolated lightship is invaded by a trio of ne’er-do-wells with evil intent—but the plot, like a real lightship, doesn’t go anywhere. The father-son relationship between the ship’s captain (Klaus Marie Brandeur) and his erstwhile son seems forced, the story of the father’s previous cowardice seems to be just the opposite—great leadership, and the relationship between the captain and his chief antagonist (Robert Duvall in a horrible role) never…

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