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The Lonesome Jubilee


Anonymous says:

Yipee! Glancing back at John Mellencamp’s fantastic 1987 album, “The Lonesome Jubilee,” may prompt the disturbing thought that not much really changed as the twentieth century rolled into the twenty-first. A few of the album’s song titles reflect themes that still resonate in an increasingly volatile present day, such as “Down and Out in Paradise,” “Empty Hands” and “Hard Times for an Honest Man.” By the late 1980s, Mellencamp had not only undergone both image and name transformations, but his musical…

Anonymous says:

Songs about life that you can dance to. I am very partial to this CD, I think from start to finish it’s the best CD John Mellencamp has recorded to date. I didn’t care that much for the added track at the end, I didn’t think it added anything at all to the other songs. This is a great example of pure music by a grass-roots artist like John Mellencamp is. Not much if any additional instrumentation or background music was added, it sounds like the group simply went to a practice or recording location, plugged in, turned on the…

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