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The Most Unfortunately Named Magazine In The Department Of Defense

1. PRISM is the magazine of repute for the intellectual National Security crowd.

2. PRISM is published by the National Defense University.

3. The college states that the magazine is meant “to inform members of U.S. Federal Agencies, allies, and other partners on complex and integrated national security operations.”

4. There are many copies of them laying around the college.

5. And many colorful editions.

6. PRISM also happens to be the name of the clandestine mega-spying program at the NSA and outed by now international man of mystery Edward Snowden.

7. It has gained a pretty terrible reputation worldwide.

Pawel Kopczynski / Reuters

8. So the question is: How much does the journal and the NSA program have in common?

9. And all the editors at PRISM say:

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