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The Politics of Promotion: How High-Achieving Women Get Ahead and Stay Ahead

Break into the power circle and build relationships that advancecareers

The Politics of Promotion offers women the tools andguidance they need to successfully navigate the realities of theirorganization, emphasizing the need to understand office politics toget the promotions and recognition they deserve. Written by BonnieMarcus, a professional coach who focuses on helping women advancetheir careers, this book demonstrates the impact of relationshipsand sponsorship on career trajectory. Readers will learn whyexcellence and achievement aren’t propulsion enough to get ahead,and how networking with power and intention can make all thedifference in perception, reputation, and promotion. Far beyond thetypical advice of “be assertive” and “embrace ambition,” this bookprovides a unique and proven method for becoming a bigger player inthe workplace and avoiding unexpected trip-ups that can add yearsto the climb—or end it for good.

Many women focus on performance, thinking that good work garnerspromotion. Too often, they’re left outside of the circles of powerand influence where decisions are made that affect their careers.The Politics of Promotion provides a framework for breakinginto that circle, and taking control of one’s own career path,specifically showing how to:

Navigate office politics successfullyBuild and nurture key relationshipsGet comfortable with self-promotionAvoid potentially disastrous “blindsides”

Women who want to advance cannot afford to view politics as”dirty.” It’s the reality of the workplace, one that differsbetween organizations and fluctuates over time. Although beingsavvy about office politics is important for both genders,unconscious bias and stereotypes create special challenges forwomen. Learning to navigate these complex rules and customs is thekey to professional recognition for women, fostering relationshipsthat reach far beyond the next evaluation. Women looking to getahead will find that the insights in The Politics ofPromotion can help smooth the way.

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Anonymous says:

Bonnie Marcus has knocked it out of the park with … Ms. Marcus has written a fascinating, exceptionally articulate book minutely detailing many ways in which women can better and more successfully rise in their chosen field by strategically navigating everyday office politics dictated and dominated mostly by men who have successfully mastered the art of utilizing fraternal skills women can also employ to their advantage. The author guides the reader through numerous self-reflective exercises and observations with an experienced eye toward…

Anonymous says:

Valuable Lessons To Help Navigate the Politics of Promotion Bonnie Marcus has knocked it out of the park with her new book: “The Politics of Promotion.” If you’ve ever wondered why you’ve been passed over for a promotion, or you’re yearning to gain the skills necessary to climb the corporate ladder, this book is a must read! Bonnie Marcus does not hold back as she provides you with a behind the scenes look at office politics from the perspective of a successful business executive who learned how to play the game – and win! Now she shares with…

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