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The President Is Missing: A Novel


Anonymous says:

Surprisingly good So, I started this reluctantly, via a Preview on the Kindle. I don’t read Patterson, and adding Clinton to the cover added to my reluctance. However, the reviews were surprisingly consistent and good, so I thought I’d at least wade in, if only for amusement. Well, two days of intense reading later, and I can say that the reviews are right — the book is consistently good, with a propulsive plot, believable characters, a good balance of detail and pacing, and some cards played at the end that…

Anonymous says:

Intriguing Premise…. Upfront I want to say that I am a voracious reader. I am on my Third Kindle since 2011….and I do not play games.That being said….I am choosy about what I spend money on. I have read some of James Patterson’s earlier books and I did read one of President Clinton’s. So when they were on Steven Colbert’s show talking about this book, I thought I’d get the sample chapters. I was drawn in immediately and purchased the book. I read for enjoyment mostly, on average 4-5 hours a day. So the…

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