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The Ramifications of Gentrification: A Critique of Ryan Trahan & Haley Pham

I think it’s important we talk about the impact YouTubers have on gentrification, hopefully this conversation facilitated that.


1. Sorry the audio is off from the video. I don’t know what happened, I tried to fix it but I couldn’t. :/

2. I understand that Ryan & Haley have not actually started engaging in becoming the new Joanna and Chip. However, from the two videos they posted on their family channel it seems to me this is eventually what they want to do. So, this video is just here to talk about gentrification and the ways it can harm, and potentially ways in which Ryan & Haley can think about mitigating the harm caused via gentrification.

3. Here are more resources that explore gentrification:

– Citations Needed Podcast:
– (Episode 116: The Pro-Gentrification Aspirationalism of HGTV’s House-Flipping Shows)
– (News Brief: Detailing the Connection Between Gentrification and Racist Police Harassment)

– Article:
– (HGTV’s hidden dark side)

A link to readings related to BLM, socialism, and so much more:

Social Media:

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Niles Gilmore says:

Notes in the description 🙂

Ashley Sandridge says:

I loveddd this analysis- the impact of the Gaines family mentality really isn’t talked about enough!

ThinkOrganic says:

This is very interesting. I've never thought of this in this way.
I love learning about interior design, watching house tours and shows like HGTV. For years, I had the question in the back of my mind, why all these houses look the same?
In my opinion this aesthetic is a bit bland and boring. And I'm pretty sure everywhere else in the world you don't see a whole town full of homes that look the same.
The shift that has happened in personal style were curating a closet based on personal taste and in a more sustainable way is encouraged, will hopefully happen in interior design.

Enjoyed the video.

Suzy Black says:

I learn so much from your videos!! Thank you for talking about these issues

ASH says:

so many great points! i love this in -depths analysis of fixer-upper culture

sappho says:

welcome back! all the best for your exams, love all your videos!

Bzzy Brie says:

HALF AN HOUR OF CONTENT????? Feeding us. But this video was so apt and so well discussed. I think going into the aesthetics that are ascribed to these "luxury" homes and the people behind them was very important. What are good homes and beauty when it comes to a home? How does it reflect social mobility? I think a lot about the furniture hauls and house tours of people like Hayley and Ryan, and often how separated they are from ideas of kitsch, knickknacks, etc. Gentrification is so insidious. I wish more people would change and restructe these gentrification trends to make things like dilapidated homes into social infrastructure; artist residencies, open studios, civic centers almost ALWAYS draw the same amount of revenue with just a higher turnover rate.

Katharine Bunn says:

great video, really interesting stuff! also good luck with your exams!

MeerTV says:

Welcome back

Melle Yang says:

Hi Niles, hope you're well! It's nice to see you out here ~ stay safe and good luck on your exams!

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