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The Real Maersk Alabama/Somali Pirate story (Never seen before footage)


kklaus6154 says:

I just got back from seeing this movie. It was intense and I was also on the edge of my seat. Tom Hanks was amazing!!

OutdoorMaster123 says:

Now one of the pirates is living completley free in the US for 33 years. Free food, water, shelter, protection and all the medical care he needs. In other words, prison.

Sheryl Jellybean says:

Captain phillips film was fantastic, on the edge of my seat from start to finish!! Tom Hanks was perfect …a must see

SavageBuckeye35 says:

I have such a raging hard on to see this movie. Goddamn seals do work.

Robin360 says:

Are you mad??? Let the pirates terrorize cargo ships? You need free seas more than you realize it, turn off your freaking tv and step into reality!

ebb1501 says:

HAHA, that was the dumbest statement I’ve ever seen! You’re kind of an idiot aren’t you?

Dalton Glick says:

Yeah I saw it today

shant07 says:

Captain phillips movie was fucking awesome!

airsoftking19 says:

oh my…

Adam Partis says:

Just finished reading The Megiddo Revenge by Jesse Smith the author is a real life captain on massive Maersk container ships and the book gives a terrifying picture of what these pirates are capable of. Frightning stuff!

vRAAFHQ says:

Since when do terrorist pirates have Internet?

MrOGseed says:

Racist Little Faggot.

nanocalp says:

Makes me proud.

sean murphy says:

you know what Vicari. i accept you point on the premise that provided your not a bullshitter you and claim to have more experience and knowlage on the matter.

Raymond Vicari says:

I would have to say just because you are an officer does not mean you are smarter then other people,it may be true when it comes to your knowledge as a seafarer .I have sailed with Captains that were very smart and I trusted my life with them,and others that did not trust themselves.I was a very good seaman and chose to remain a able-seaman and no matter what else was said about me I always was told I was a very good sailor,I do not know Sean Murphy,but everyone gets to be a dumbass even me

Raymond Vicari says:

All I can say to you is the guy was sent messages to stay 600 miles off the coast,most of the crew do not agree that he was a hero .Everyone that I have sailed with that sailed with him had nothing good to say about him.Then you tell me the Captain has no say in the route the ship takes,some bullshit about merchant naval Captains how smart they are dude I sailed with lots of Captains and Officers that were just like you.The safety and lives of the crew come common sense= a dumb Ass

sean murphy says:

He is a captain in the merchant navy. He has absolutely no say in his plotted route and the crew except the two officers have next to no knowledge of the route. Maersk plot it out for the ship. Only the best leaders and Officers become captain after up to and over a decade of training. Richard Phillips and near every merchant naval/naval captain possess more education, aptitude, skill and intelligence then a large majority of people on the planet. So its beyond me why you’d call him a dumbass.

john spero says:

Your post just gave me cancer…

John H says:

Half the related videos are British Navy sinks pirate ship, Russian Navy, NATO fights pirates… NOT just Americans. Fuck they sacrafice shit the majority of them are all to fuckin high to give a fuck plus they dont have “alot” lol they live in a poor ass 3rd world country with no laws.. but your right they sure do give up alot eh.. Fuckin idiot.

John H says:

They’re just dumb black retards like yourself im guessing so idk maybe you can make like a tree and fuck off you
You love with them so much go do that and hopefully catch a 5.56 round to the head.

Raymond Vicari says:

I highly respect the Navy Seals and while I was on a pre-position tanker stationed in Subic Bay Navy Base,Philippines I had the chance to become a friend with some of them while on the Overseas Alice as an able -seaman back in 1984.I was able to watch them as they were training using the ship I was on for like what Maersk Alabama had happen to the ships crew.Captain Phillips is lucky they were there to save his dumb ass .He could have kept his ship much further away from the area.

TheUWF says:

If they never got him, they should just molotov and rpg those afro-bozo faggots. Burn those fuckers alive. hahahahaha whooooooooooooooooooooooo­o!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TheUWF says:


SirSlyRy says:

opportunity, capability, and intent. 

Davis Jason says:

Much cover-up! These innocent captains ship illegally into Somalian waters.

Brian Lee says:

dude…I believe that killing is wrong, but when a pirate raises his weapon on an innocent man, it will come down to either the pirate’s life or Captain Phillips. the SEALs had no choice. the pirates were taking Captain Phillips to Somalia, likely with the intention of killing him eventually. its not that Americans think they are more precious. what the pirates did showed an imminent threat to someone’s life, and that can only be handled by lethal force.

Brian Lee says:

that is true

Dorian Jones says:

you know there’s a related video about Russians killing Somalian pirates too? America is fucked up? We’re the problem? Then why does half of the world fight against pirates? It’s criminal and you’re saying we’re bad? Go to a shrink, because you have some problems defending criminals.

asianfrenzy666 says:

Read “No Easy Day” and you’ll get a better story about how this went down.

Nick Grimes says:

One of the pirates looks like Chris Brown

Nafisa Ali says:

uh excuse u sure kill those niggers? thats to racist

low max says:


low max says:

do a 360 knife shock charge switch no scope across the sea

just shoot them in the head

Dark21Star13 says:

when your resources are taken away. wouldn’t you want to take from the rich aswell I know I would. everyone has a reason for what theyre doing

h4rd2 says:

hell yeah kill those niggers!!





aFEWwanderingALBINOS says:

its just stupid that a movie is being made now…

LEEGULF1 says:

Such a BEAUTIFUL THING, 3 dead pirates and the captain rescued three cheers for the red, white, and blue.
Plus, a reality check for the Islamic piracy.

amandasaunders61 says:

I was on the USS halyburton when that happened. I was a QM and nearly got to shoot the m16 at the pirates… the vbss team met the seals that was involved and the whole ship actually was really involved. Can’t wait to see the movie

ShantyGaming says:

Just thinking of 3 snipers taking out three targets on ocean seas in incredible. It’s one thing to hit a stationary target. It’s a whole other thing when you having moving targets needed to be taken out at the same time, and if you fail, a hostage dies.

RomanSpaceMarines says:

Navy, bitches.

lilbeaveymac says:


75redtomato says:

kill anyone that gets between them and their illegal fishing, fucking murderers. those guys were heroes who paid the ultimate price trying to save their waters from greedy thieves.

mariusz77us says:

Go to Somalia and meet the Pirates will see how they will treat you and let us know how it was when you come back that is if come back alive which i doubt you will if no one pays your ransom.

gulfwinds94 says:

Damn right we take care of our own if we can you fucking jackass. Dumb ass pirates are thieves and killers, not heroes. They’re trying to steal a commercial ship and you’re like leave them alone, dream on shit for brains. They got what they had coming.

theenergyroomEU says:

What a good man.
I spoke to cpt phillips and i really like him

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