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The reason I skip so many songs when I'm listening to music


BiffTHEBearKiller says:

Found a song I absolutely love. But it’s from something really sad, so I can’t listen to it without bawling like a giant pussy.

hopethisisarelevantname says:

Then you hear it two years later and tell everyone that it was your “jam.”

7isMagic says:

Don’t Stop Believing.

Rezol says:

That’s just what we are doing. Add all the other sites’ inside jokes and imgur suddenly doesn’t look so bad.

AlanStanley says:

Tavalliset Hautajaiset hasn’t gotten old yet: It has gotten 146 plays on iTunes apparently ..

welpp says:

Yes, this is what people in places do with things.

nellaselendil says:

“start” to despise?

LanceShields says:

Try infinite jukebox. Doesn’t work for me but may work for others.

peoniesinkittylitter says:

I stop listening to a song too much if I love it. I don’t want to hate it too soon

kiltedsteve says:

Jeez… I’m a Christian and believe evolution happens every day. Why can’t people believe that people and animals have to adapt?!

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