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The Strangest Things Done On “Doomsday Preppers”

Here are some doomsday scenarios and what needs to be done to survive:

3. Hyperinflation: U.S. is not at risk but you should still learn how to weld. Welding is good.

4. Global Pandemic: Possible, but an alternate location is needed to isolate yourself. So get a bunker stat.

5. Worldwide economic collapse: Maybe it could happen, just stay away from this guy.

6. Nuclear Fallout: You’ll be O.K. except if you live in Ontario, Canada.

7. Polar Shift: Geographically impossible, but sure, yeah, prep away.

8. New Madrid Zone Earthquake (fault zone in the midwest): It has happened before, it’s one of those “Black Swan” events, so it could happen tomorrow. I’d start prepping yesterday.

9. Note: building a thousand spider holes might not help you during armageddon.

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