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The struggle was real in my day too.


RaneEnigma says:

And a hipster just had an orgasm.

Briskeet says:

Dem Dumb Ditties

Fatassfrodo says:

160 tracks all together by my math

MedicalGradeHangover says:

Dat Kenny Rogers tho.

hopswithfrogs says:

Shit I wasn’t even alive

explodinghatchback says:

Dumb Ditties???

tiIIdusk says:

I am not sure what I’m looking at

Phallus says:

Why do you think this is floated over from Reddit? Millions of hipsters just climaxed. Thankfully without making a child.

Murphy04 says:

TIL 24*8=160

TWFNS says:


oJustinx says:

This bat fetcher with muh mouth trick

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