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The Tanning of America- Steve Stoute


enzigenes says:

Corporate america came to the hood and found out how to make money off Hip Hop and it capitalized off the culture. At the same time if you were talented and creative, the Hip Hop culture was a great outlet to make a living and provided opportunities for a lot of people. Poetry, Art, Photography, Fashion etc… It’s so many elements.

enzigenes says:

Hip Hop was originated in the Bronx. You guys didn’t even mention that. How are you’re going to have a discussion about Hip Hop and don’t even mention where it all started. No disrespect you guys sound clueless. You guys didn’t even mention any pioneers. Kool Herc, Sugar Hill Gang etc… The art of Djing and Graffitti. Like Hip Hop is bigger than fashion and music. Hip Hop was created to keep people occupied. Turning nothing into something. You guys are simply clueless on what hip hop is.

johnnyimperial says:

Damn. I can’t believe how out of tube u guys are with hip hop. Hip hop isn’t about being cool. It’s about voicing your opinion, struggle, and life. It came about from the heardship we faced in the hoods. Today we still face these same hardships, the only thing is that u have this coon version of hip hop disguising the reality. U talk about Wayne and luda but i didn’t here the pioneers in Ur vid.

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