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The Trapper’s Bible: The Most Complete Guide on Trapping and Hunting Tips Ever

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Hunting and Trapping!

A collection of tips, tactics, and anecdotes from the finest trappers the United States has ever seen, The Trapper’s Bible is an essential reference guide for hunters, trappers, and historians.

Taken directly from some of the upmost authorities on the trapping profession, hundreds of photos and illustrations adorn this fascinating compendium. Broken up into sections, this volume details a wide variety of different traps and contains an extensive section outlining the behavior and nature of a long list of animals commonly hunted and trapped. The Trapper’s Bible offers the best of the best — an informative look into life as a trapper.

From a complete listing of steel traps to constructing a variety of deadfalls, pens, traps, triggers, and snares, the collected sources take you through the ins and outs of trapping, including practical how-to instructions as well as personal stories and letters from real trappers.

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Anonymous says:

Interesting history of pastimes, but not so much on modern day trapping. This book is a great history lesson of the techniques from the pastimes. It was very informative, however for the beginning trapper like myself I felt somewhat let down by the book. It didn’t hit on very much of the modern day traps and snares. The lures recipie section was interesting, however the animals section is lacking for sure at least for my geographical world location. Trapping mountain lion, Grizzly Bear, and Tigers is not going to happen in the Southeastern US. OVERALL not a bad…

Anonymous says:

it is great but would like to see more small game.

Anonymous says:

A HISTORICAL compilation of hunting and trapping lore I purchased this book to round out my historical library on hunting and trapping techniques (most of which are at risk of being lost in time due to modern-day sensibilities about animal cruelty). What was interesting was to find diagrams for “primitive” traps and snares that I’ve seen on some of the better (i.e., less sensationalistic) reality television shows such as “Survivorman” or “Out of the Wild: Alaskan Wilderness.” You won’t find much on these in modern-day “wilderness survival” books,…

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