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The Tumor: A Non-Legal Thriller


Anonymous says:

Not a thriller or even a story but a pamphlet about a medical procedure In nearly 2000 reviews, I have seldom written a1-star review. Usually, I abandon a book without a review if I’m not enjoying it, so I give a 1- or 2-star rating only if I feel the author has somehow cheated the reader. In other low-rated books, it has been unsatisfactory endings, such as “continued in book 2.” In this case, the deception came in calling this book a thriller. It’s not even a story. It’s just an example of a patient who dies of a brain tumor and then saying that in a decade he…

Anonymous says:

The future Grisham writes about is here NOW for focused ultrasound to treat prostate cancer Although not a novel, this informational e-brochure will result in greater awareness and hopefully additional research funding for focused ultrasound, better known as HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) for treatment of brain cancer, which can be so aggressive and cruel.. Because the treatment for brain cancer is still experimental, HIFU for brain cancer is currentlylimited to clinical trials, BUT HIFU has already been approved for other cancer. As the publication notes in a chart, HIFU…

Anonymous says:

Thank you and a few corrections…statistics & grading and information on other types of tumors I have a brain tumor and greatly appreciate your fervor and support of curing/treating brain cancer. This is a technology currently in development for many types of illnesses and cancers; this book postulates a possible future for those with one of those. I appreciate that John Grisham is using his voice/pen in support of treatment and development of technology. As a minor point…the book states that gliomas come in 4 grades (true) and that grade I & II are benign (not true). I have a grade…

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